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Effective Ways To Increase Muscle Mass

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When you see ripped muscles in the bodies of professional athletes, weightlifters and bodybuilders, you know they’re the product of superhuman hard work, discipline and dedication.

While those perfect abs and pecs are not for everyone, it’s safe to say that the average gym-goer will still want to see considerable muscle mass after doing some grunt work – something that can be difficult to achieve, even when you’re supposedly following all the rules and simply aiming for a humble 5-pound addition of new muscles.

There are a lot of factors that may be the reason behind the lack or slowing down of results from your daily workouts.

For many men, the most common reasons are stress, aging, diet and medication that you take for some medical conditions.

Knowing the root cause can help you address the specific gaps in your workout program, so it’s important to ask for an assessment from your personal trainers and your physician.

Most of the time, however, getting results requires just going back to the basics.

See if you may be missing out on or neglecting some tried and tested steps.

If you want to see a noticeable difference in the mirror, check out the following to tips to see if you’re neglecting some of the most fundamental practices that professionals and experts recommend to individuals wanting to increase muscle mass.

You may be working out to the limit, but are you making the necessary changes that will lead to new muscle growth? Make sure the effort you make pays.

Ensure that your training regimen consists of moves that aim to do damage to existing muscle fibres, which drives your body to respond, heal and produce newer, stronger and bigger muscles.

Weightlifting, heavy resistance, the right variations and repetitions should be incorporated into your muscle building workouts according to your fitness objectives.

Eat more.

Diet plays a huge part in muscle building, so pay attention to your food choices when it comes to a muscle building diet – and make conscious and deliberate choices.

In order to grow more mass, you will naturally need more than the amount of caloric intake than what is normally required.

There are many ways to do this: look at food labels and add more to the figures listed; take more protein every day; have a buffet food trip once a week, and more.

Your nutrition strategy depends on a lot of factors, from your BMI to your lifestyle, so it’s best to seek advice from experts to know what to consume and what to avoid.

Get help.

If you want to see fast and significant results, you will need help – in the form of supplements that are made for increasing body mass.

When buying supplements, make sure you get them only from trusted and proven manufacturers and suppliers.

Read up on essential ingredients that are scientifically approved for naturally increasing muscle gain and improving testosterone levels: whey protein, zinc, magnesium, vitamin B6 and creatine.

Taking protein shakes and energy boosting drinks also help advance your performance, and therefore your progress.

If you want see rapid results in your muscle building efforts, that are scientifically proven, check out Ben Pakulski and his MI40X bodybuilding program here.


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